Take a Screenshot on PC – A screenshot is an image of the visual display screen of smart devices. Screenshot, to represent or share any situation easily than a normal conversation. We often face a situation where we have to document whatever on the screen. It could be anything, from a bank statement to an important email, from football matches’ schedule to an important conversation. Screenshots make our job easy by simply capturing the screen output as an image. Various operating systems have various methods, which can help you to take a screenshot of a full window, or a particular area, or of the whole screen.

Every operating system has a unique way and No. of methods are available to take a screenshot on PC, whether it may be a built-in tool or a third party service installed on your operating system to take a screenshot on PC. There are different PC’s running with different operating system let have a look on them and see Take a screenshot on a PC with different operating systems.

screenshot on pc

Windows OS & Mac Os, these two operating systems are ruling the world, and Usage of Linux is also more but comparatively not more than windows and Mac. There are so many ways to capture your screen

  • PrtScn key on keyboard
  • Through Online websites
  • Download & Install apps that offer to take Screenshot on PC

Let’s take a look at how screenshot works on various platforms.

Screenshot on PC with Different operating systems

Screenshot on Windows – It is the most used PC operating system, vastly due to its simplicity. This simplicity also implies when you’re going to take a screenshot. The traditional way is to press print screen button on top right corner, just aside delete button,  There you can edit and select the part you require. The inbuilt snipping tool makes it even simpler by proving simple options for which window you want to screenshot, or whatever area.

You can always download various screenshot applications available on the internet. They’re efficient and easy to use. If you want to document your activities on the screen, you can also capture a video by using those tools. It is always easy with windows because you have so many options to take a screenshot.

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Screenshot on Mac – This operating system needs no introduction which belongs to Apple family So obviously, taking a screenshot on MAC is easier than any other platform. You have got certain commands that directly take the screenshot without into getting anything. Additionally, there are various tools that help in getting a screenshot in a better way. The commands are shift-command 3 and 4, which lets you take the screenshot of the whole screen, and selected areas respectively.

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Screenshot on Linux – LINUX is extensively used by programmers or by the people who like tweaking things. You can use CMD commands, tools, and print screen method. Mostly, programmers use command prompts for the screenshot, because it is easy and simple. Linux offers more ways than any other platform to take screenshots. The inbuilt GNOME  helps in taking the quick snap. You just have to go to Applications> Accessories> Take Screenshot. Print screen button also works in this case, just hold it along with ALT key, and the screenshot will be taken of the current dialog box.


Q. What is a Screenshot?

A. A screenshot is a captured image which appeared on your screen.

Q. How can I collage or combine all my screenshots?

A. Load all your Screenshots to paint and then you can edit and save or use service tools like Photoshop, Picasa etc.

Q. Can I take a screenshot on every device?

A. Yes! Every smart device is made in such a way that you can take screenshots. You just have to find the right way for your platform.

Q. Where are they stored?

A. They’re usually stored under the folder named screenshots, specifically made for storing the captured screens. You can find the folder in your gallery.

Q. What quality do they have?

A. Quality changes from device to device. It purely depends upon the pixel size of the screen, or in the more technical term, the PPI, which stands for pixels per inch.

Q. Can I take a screenshot of everything that displays on the screen?

A. Totally yes! That’s why they’re there. You can take everything you like from that screen, it could be your favorite part of the video or an email, anything.

Q. Should I download tools if I find traditional ways complicated?

A. Choose the way that works best for you. You can choose to download a tool that is super simple or adjust yourself to learn the button way. It’s totally up to you.

Conclusion: The screenshot is an important task for every smartphone and PC user. We come across a lot of situations where we have to snap a screenshot. There are lots of ways you can choose to do that. There are different ways on different platforms. You should know all of the ways because nobody knows when you’re going to use one or another.

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