Take a Screenshot On Windows – Windows the most widely used operating system for PC due to its simplicity, availability, fluent interface and user-friendly experience. There are many features and things you can do on a windows PC. Taking a screenshot on windows is very easy by simply pressing the print screen button because if you want to document anything on the screen, you can also do that. In basic terms, you can take screenshots of the things that matter to you.

Whether it is windows7, 8 & 10 capturing the screens on windows PC is a very easy process and they are built-in tools like PrtScn button, Snipping Tool, and some other third-party apps which offer to take a screenshot. There are few ways by which you can take a screenshot on windows, So let’s take a look at them.

Screenshot windows


How To Capture Full-Screen – Full screenshot can be taken with the help of print screen button present on top right corner of your keyboard, just after the F12 button. So let’s see the steps of getting a full-screen shot

  • Keep ready the screen you want to take a screenshot Make sure everything you want it there and visible clearly.
  • Press the print screen button.
  • Open paint, and press Ctrl V to paste the captured screenshot. and then Ctrl + S to save.
  • Name the file, choose the format you want it to be, like PNG, JPEG or others.
  • Click on save and use the image as you want.
  • You can also edit the image before you save in paint.

How To Capture Single Window – If you want to take the screenshot of the current window you’re working on, the process is pretty much the same.

  • Be ready with the window you want to take a screenshot Make sure it’s the active window on the screen.
  • Hold  ALT + PrtScn button to capture single window.
  • A screenshot will be taken.
  • Finally, now save the captured image same as mentioned in above steps.

How To Capture Screenshot By Using Snipping Tool – It is a famous tool present in the windows that let you take the screenshot of the full screen, single window, or a particular area of the screen. Almost this tool present in all version of windows. It is easy to operate and does the job pretty well. The snipping tool makes it easier to take a screenshot, and you don’t have to do the extra efforts. Let see how it works.

  • Search in the start menu for snipping tool and a dialog box will open.
  • Click on the new button, and a plus cursor will be on the screen, and the whole screen gets transparent white.
  • Select the area you want to take an image of and save it.
  • There are various options open under the new button, which are

Free snip: lets you take the image of any resolution, length, and width.
Rectangular snip: lets you take the rectangular snip of the screen.
Window snip: lets you take the screenshot f window you click on.
Fullscreen snip: Full screen will capture.

  • Finally, Save it under the desired name and folder and you’re ready to use that image wherever you want.


Q. Where can I find my prtscn (print screen) button?

A. You can find the prtscn (print screen) button at the top row of the keyboard next to the F12 button. If you are using a laptop you have to press Fn key if required or better to install third-party tools for a better screenshot.

Q. Where are my screenshots save on windows?

A. The default save location for Images and screenshots is the Libraries > Pictures folder. You can choose your destination folder when you are using Paint or snipping tool while saving your screenshot.

Conclusion: Hence windows is a great platform and ease of doing things makes it the right choice. You can easily take a screenshot in different ways mentioned above. Hope this article taught you how to take screenshots on Windows. If you have any problem or query regarding screenshots on windows, you can leave it on the comment.

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